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What Muslim Women Should Do During Their Period?

What You Can Do To Stay Connected With Allah During Your Period?

When the time of the month comes around, many women feel cut off from their spirituality.


As they are forbidden to recite verses of the Quran or even their daily prayers, technically, they feel like the efforts to keep the connection with Allah have been restrained with a wall of limitation. 

Do you ever experience that kind of spiritual cut off? 

period woman

Some of us may view menstruation, or commonly called as period or haid is about being fully refrain from any forms of worship.

Majority of us seem to grasp a concept of ‘vacation’ from praying, reciting the Quran and fasting. And it’s popularly known as ‘ABC – Allah Bagi Cuti‘ term amongst the Malay community, specifically. 

Unfortunately, those kind of conceptions can cause the feeling of distant from our worship, thus causes spiritually detach from Allah. 

With that, you may struggle to get back into praying routine after consecutive 6-7 day break due to menstruation. However, that wouldn’t be a problem if you turn to another side of view.

So, let’s get to these 3 simple yet powerful acts of devotion that you can do to get closer to Allah during your period. Make sure to note them down altogether right into your mind!

Make Du'a & Zikr

This is the perfect time for you to make an excessive du’a (supplication) and zikr (remembering Allah)!

During these ‘red’ days, the time you spend every day for the obligatory prayers, you can fill it with du’a and zikr instead. 

You can make your du’a and zikr whether in spoken words or just silently in your heart. We always utter that women in menstruation can’t pray. But, du’a is also a form of prayers to stay connected with Allah. It can be done anywhere and anytime.

Or, you could just simply persist reciting the azkar which have been narrated for specific times; for example morning, evening, going to bed, upon waking up, eating, drinking and so on. Even if you just stick with these, you could gain a tremendous rewards!

A plenty of Istighfar

It may seem a simple act, but it brings a really powerful impact. 

Istighfar is basically means asking Allah to not just conceal our sins, but to remove the effects altogether. It also draws the strength and support of Allah which leads to closeness to Allah and salvation.

So, you are highly recommended to use the extra time that you have during your period to seek for Allah forgiveness as much as you can. Even Rasulullah SAW, the infallible person whom has been guaranteed Jannah seeks Allah forgiveness for at least 70 times a day.

How many you think should we do it? Infinity, I guess. 

Study Al-Quran in your native language
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Take this opportunity to deepen your understanding about Quran. Other normal days, you would usually recite it in Arabic and may not fully get the grasp of every verse’s meaning.

So, this is the golden chance!

You can use this time to grab Tafsir Al-Quran and study about them thoroughly. Take this time to dig up the meaning of underlying messages in the Quran.

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In a nutshell, menstruation is not a curse or a punishment on women that restrict them from doing any kind of acts in order to worship Allah. It is just a natural biological process of the female reproductive system. In fact, it is a sign of good health.

Menstruation doesn’t create a limitation for you from worshipping Allah. Moreover, our worship is the base of our existence and the very reason we created.

You just need to refocus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do. So, let’s boost up our conscious efforts to get closer and build up a concrete relationship with Allah!

May Allah grant us His mercy and blessings. Wallahua’lam.

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