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The Importance of Daily Salah

The Significance of Daily Prayer

What makes a person, a Muslim?

The answer is the belief one holds. And, that belief should be express in action as well. As Muslims, the five pillars of Islam– the guiding tenets that all observant Muslims must follow, are the most important obligations to be satisfied.

One of the obligatory practices is salah, or commonly called daily prayers. Have you ever wondered why we should commit to all five daily prayers in a day?

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Fulfilling all the five daily salah creates a pattern into a single cloth of religious devotion as a Muslim. Also, salah reminds us of the faithful of Allah and the opportunity to seek His guidance and forgiveness in everyday life.    

Despite of all the talks and reminders about the importance of salah, many of us still do not take this matter as something to be buried deep into our souls. 

Why is it?

It could be because of the lack of exposure to the significance of daily salah. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it! 

Salah creates a rhythm of the day

There’s one thing that should always stick into your mind, which is – salah does not revolve around your life. But, your life has to revolve around salah. 

Have you seen pillars on a building? If you want to set furniture or decorate something up, you have to go around them. You cannot move the pillars. If you try to mess with the pillars, what happens? The whole building collapses.

The five daily prayers are the pillars of our day. You got to keep them in their place. If you try to move them, the foundation of your faith – the building of your faith is ready to collapse. 

Prayers for physical and emotional healing

The obligatory salah is basically a series of set movements that go with the words of prayer. However, it is not just as plain as it seems. It goes much deeper than that. It involves uniting body, mind and soul in the salah as the act of worship.

You have to ensure your mind is clear and in the right frame before you perform salah. You need to put aside all everyday thoughts and problems, so that your attention could be fully centered and exclusively to Allah. 

Moreover, daily salah also could be an act to escape and relief from unpleasant everyday difficulties. You could take this very short time to recharge and motivate yourself before step into the harsh reality of life. May Allah give us His guidance.

Allah doesn't need your prayer

Allah The Almighty needs nothing from His creatures. He has power over everything. Then, why are we obligated to perform salah five times a day? 

Allah knows best. It is actually for us-  a powerless and impotent human being. Prayers act like a daily motivation dose to be injected into ourselves to keep our mind, body and soul sane. 


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Salah involves the engagement between the mind, body and soul in a moment of transcendence as the act to communicate and get connected with Allah. This way, you transcend all thoughts and feelings of this world into a conversation with Allah of the celestial world.

Despite of that, it is alright to make mistakes. We are human being afterall. Allah creates human beings to be fallible and flawed. The most important thing is to make immediate repentance with an intention to learn from one’s mistakes. 


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May Allah shower His blessings upon us. Wallahua’lam.

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